Why do you hate me?

It’s funny that people who have no idea who you are outside of your casino uniform can “hate” you. Much less hate you for things you have absolutely no control over. Hate is such a strong word too and I’m not using the term loosely. The things that some people do can only be explained by pure unadulterated hate for a minimum wage employee who has to sit there and take your childish actions because if I were to get up a beat the shit out of you, like I would if you did that outside the casino, I would lose my job. Yeah maybe your having a bad day, your whole life.
Another explanation is they don’t see us as people. We are just robots who are there to run a perfect game, god forbid we make a mistake. There are players that sit there and wait for dealers to make a slight mistake so they can jump on them. What’s funny is they try and correct you and most of the time they are wrong! There are players that whine, complain and wait for some kind of reaction out of a dealer, maybe just a head nod, and they jump on your for reacting “how do you know, just deal”. Players that play every hand and then blame you for rivering them when they hit a two outer on the turn. Had a player once turn to me and say “I hate you”, I laughed. Again outside the casino he says that to me, it would only take one punch. Players throw cards, chips and make a mess, pouting, splashing the pot. Maybe I’m misconstruing their immaturity as hate. They must go home after a bad session and kick their dog, throw their cat, poke their goldfish.
Money is the root of all evil, so I guess when you are playing over your head it can make you hate the person who randomly shuffles and puts out random cards and have random players beat you like a drum. That would make anyone crazy, wait no it doesn’t 99% of players can handle themselves like adults. Not you, do you play a game at home and when you’re losing take the ball and go home? Did you throw the wheelbarrow at grandma when she got boardwalk? It’s ok I don’t hate you. You are just a little man that needs help.

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