Where is your helicopter mom?

A couple of young kids sit down at the 2/4 table and I say “welcome” and ask if they want to post. The first kid of course does and the second shyly says he is going to wait. I think nothing of it and keep going. As the big blind comes to him I ask him how much in chips he needs and he hands over $14, I tell him he has to have at least $20 to buy in. He finds $6 and decides to play. I soon realize he has never played in a casino, and try to help him out on how to look at his card and how the betting goes. He asks “do I try and get lots of big cards?” . Oh no, I asked haven’t you played with your buddies? Online? Zynga poker app on your phone? He said “nope”. I have never had this happen, someone who has never played poker in any form, wow. Of course he gets pocket kings his first hand and check calls all the way down for a winner. Great, now I’m responsible for his long life of being a degenerate gambler. The gentleman next to him and I both helped him out explaining pairs and straights and flushes. What surprised me the most is how he has made it this far without being exposed to our rite of passage as men to playing poker. The only explanation is his helicopter mom didn’t let him out of her sight, and they don’t allow gambling in their household. No heated Uno games either. It brings me back to my first exposure, 7th grade band trip, playing some inbetween on the bus, getting double burned with aces on both sides. I’m pretty sure it was a set up now looking back, that older kid with the mechanics grip, how did I not recognize that? Oh yeah I was 13.

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