When running deep isn’t good enough

I’d like to welcome a new writer to the column. Mighty Midwest will be offering his insight from, well the Midwest.

From session 10-1-15

Why running deep in a tournament sometimes just isn’t good enough. Well, last night there were 51 entrants in the local hole in the wall tournament. 5 places cashed with 6th place receiving a free entry in nexts weeks $25 no limit hold em tournament.
I placed 4th. So I cashed. But you must know, for me it wasn’t good enough. See last week at the same venue I sat down at the cash table. I did everything right, but i got burned. I like to talk at the table and get people to take stabs at me. Bill, an ex cop, who now just plays poker all the time, thought I was drunk and came after me, just what I wanted. I had pocket kings in the hole, I raised $23 pre flop in a $1, $2 no limit game. He calls, ( not unbelievable in these po dunk town games ) flop shows a possible flush , so I jam the pot , with a $93 dollar bet ( hoping he ll fold ) again calls ( damn calling stations ) turn card is a dud, I jam hard with a $301 dollar bet. I guess by this point he feels pot committed and calls. ( hes all in for another 250 some ) he shows jack 9 clubs. King of clubs on the river. He takes the pot with a flush.
The last hand of the session had a similar outcome, typically the last hand is around 11:45 pm, people still want to play , but the game is regulated by the state & rules are the rules. It’s a known fact 2-3 people will be all in on this hand. I have pocket aces in the hole. I don’t remember how the hand played out other then betting big ( $30 plus pre flop ) and getting 2 callers. Cross eyed Corey, who sticks out like a sore thumb, because he s from the Ghetto of an adjacent town calls me all the way down to the river with huge bets. 3 comes on the river to give him 2 pair 10’s & 3’s.
So, do the math, I needed to win this tournament to be up a little for the last 2 sessions. Running deep & 4th, sometimes just isn’t good enough.

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