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It’s something quite a few people have asked and to set the record straight it’s not enough. We are highly trained(in some places) and have to deal with the biggest egos and crybabies you have ever seen. It’s actually hard to imagine or express the attitudes we deal with on a daily basis. Back when a guy named Moneymaker made it big and everybody thought they could play 1/2 and retire in 5 years. There were a lot of fun, loose gamblers back then. And boy did they overtip( yep I admit there is overtipping). Who am I to complain that I shipped them a miracle and they aren’t worried about a bankroll, they love their dealers. We are the bartenders of their gambling habit. The economy was amazing.
BAM then the recession hit, most of those awesome tipper’s expendable income shrunk up or disappeared. Slowly we lost more and more customers, the ones that did survive and kept playing and learned that tipping kills their bottom lines. It’s ok, a dollar a hand is all I expect, unless of course you really appreciate the double payoff on that 2 outer I hit on the river for you and you toss me a couple more. You are now one of my favorites. The good, frugal players survived and are everywhere. As the economy slowly starts to come back I see the car dealers, mortgage brokers and even realtors coming back in. The games are tougher now, it’s not quite the crap shoot it used to be.
To answer the question I make about $10 less an hour than I did 7-8 years ago. If you want a raise, deal faster or wait for minimum wage to go up.

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