What I did for a year

Growing up every year at my house on New Year’s Eve just before midnight my dad had a tradition of having us do something “for a year”. You know, you do push-ups for 20 seconds from one calendar year into the next. So you “did” it for a year. So as per the norm for a casino employee I was working New Year’s Eve and low and behold I’m pushing into my table that will take me into 2014, low limit, promotion hounding nits. It was worse than usual because of the drunks on the table throwing chips around and of course not tipping. I had to hope to ship a monster to a regular and maybe get a dollar. So I’m thinking about what is going to happen to me “for a year”, as the moment approaches I’m in the middle of a hand and push the pot to a drunken stiff, yep I got stiffed for a year. Next it was this lovely beauty ( about 220 and looked like a grown up brunette honey boo boo) in the 7 seat in her finest bar pool league satin jacket and cold sores galore slaps a big fat gross kiss on said drunken boyfriend in the 5 seat. Of course he is 30ish and overweight wearing what must’ve been a tuxedo shirt from a junior high dance. I luckily made it out alive as none of his buttons flew off. So I watched one of the most disgusting sloppy kisses for a year. I dealt a table I wanted to shoot myself at for a year. I guess it can only get better from here. Happy new year everyone!

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  • January 19, 2014 at 8:22 am

    These see great. I love poker and the whole dealer aspect of it too.


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