Welcome to my world. Here you will get an everyday dose of what it’s like to be a poker dealer. I will try to give you everything from opinions on the game(I’ve dealt to some of the best poker players in the world. And as much as some people say “what do you know”. I’ve seen very successful players and the way they play, compared to your donkey butt). Funny plays, funny people, weird events and of course my opinions on people on the world of poker. I hope to bring a smile to some and open the eyes of others, but mostly I get to vent about the Dbags that inhabit our local card rooms. I deal at a medium sized card room with plenty of high and low stakes players. I will never disclose where because of privacy issues. “if you can afford to gamble you can afford to tip!” Just like if you can’t afford to tip a waitress, don’t eat out. Get it to go.

Your poker dealer

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