We were all thinking it

High limit game and a board runs out 10 7 8 6 2, player one flips over A10, player 2 flips over pocket queens for the winner. UTG guy chimes in I would’ve beaten you with two pair 7’s and 2’s. Hmm, well duh, I usually hear this at low limit games because people are there for the human interaction and to have fun. Another player not in the hand says “so what, you never would’ve played it anyways. Why don’t we play the game where everybody says what they had. No one cares.” Wow, in all the years I’ve dealt I’ve never had anyone really chime back with the CORRECT comeback. Because honestly no one really cares what you HAD. Maybe he was expecting the winner to ship him the $700 pot and say “yeah you had the winner”, or “I’m so glad you didn’t call 4 bets under the gun and river two pair, whew, I’m lucky”. So next time you wanna say ” I had the winner” just remember no one cares, but if you are there for conversation then go ahead and be “that guy”.

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