We have a winner

For Dbag of the night. Low stakes I bring this guy from $3 all the way up to $100+ with 4 pots. Stiffed every one. Finally loses it all(playing every hand isn’t as profitable as he thought) and pats me on the back and says thank you as he leaves. Now two ways to take this, he was being sarcastic like thanks for letting that guy with a better hand beat me repeatedly. If you don’t blame me when you win(with a tip) then you better not blame me when you lose. The other way to take it is that he truly wanted to say thank you, like thanks for dealing for me tonight. Yeah I will take that verbal thank you and split it up between the family, everybody gets a few letters. I will give the kids the yank which leaves the wife with a thou, or out and hanky. Quite a few options on ways to divvy up those words. My selfish reason he should’ve tipped me. 1. I let you play(badly) longer 2. Should’ve given me a couple bucks, instead you gave it to the guys that kicked your butt all night. 3. If you can overtip the waitresses and straddle and play hands blind you definitely should be able to tip me when I bring home your runner runner flush. So thank you for giving me the pleasure of dealing to you Dbag.

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