Was it a full moon last night?

You know those days where it seems like some people just aren’t firing on all cylinders, last night in the card room was one of them. First example is a decent player in the tournament, early stages. 3k pot, blinds are 50/100 short stack bets 1k on the flop and has 2k behind. Decent player shoves with ace rag, no pair, of course the short stack calls. Hits an ace on the river. Pretty bad play, but nothing to bad. What happens after is in the next 20 minutes the decent player tries to bluff 3 more times with nothing, gets caught all 3 times. Disgustingly he couldn’t believe he got called all 3 times. I know some peoples memories might be bad, but same table, same players, within 20 minutes? Next table blinds are 200/400, folds to the blinds. Small blind puts out a $500 chip, call. Big blind who has 4 $100 chips out, takes them back and throws a $500. I wanted to say WTF are you doing, but I refrained and said the small blind just called, since he can’t raise $100 at this point. He looks puzzled and I make change of his $500 chip with someone else and give them change and move on. Same guy 3 hands later checks to the big stack who bets $1400, he asks what do you have behind? The guy has like $30k more than you. Face palm. Can I go home yet? 1/3 NL game pot is $120 or so guy bets $15 on the river, other player in the pot raises to $30. The other guy calls immediately with trips and the raiser shows bottom pair. You min raised with bottom pair? I like money, next time just save the extra $15 and throw it in my box. 3 separate occasions tonight someone criticized someone else’s play, nothing new. The weird part is the other 3 guys went off on the crybaby about their play and the fact that it’s their money they can play however they want. Touché. A weeks worth of stories in one night, and it’s only half over.

One thought on “Was it a full moon last night?

  • April 12, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    lol. i love it. my ex would tell me stories like those but the funny thing was alot of times i was there. i hate that how much do u have behind shit . when it is obvious that the players has the person covered. too much watching poker on the tube


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