Today’s word is Patience

With weekends and special events, such as March madness, come a lot of situations that require patience as a dealer. We have quite a few drunks that you have to remind it’s their turn, remind them to go in turn, remind them not to threaten other players, wake them up when they are about to pass out and get them to play their hand instead of hit on the waitress.
Another situation, tonight, was 5 foreign guys in one table, none has ever played poker in a casino. I needed patience to teach them how to check their cards without showing the whole table, not to muck anytime they want, not to string raise or bet, that it’s their turn again, and again and again. To only speak English at the table, even though it was easier to speak in their native tongue, I’m assuming to talk shit to each other, or make fun of the Americans. I don’t mind teaching new players the ins and outs and procedures, it fosters new players into playing casino poker. It also makes me laugh and have a little fun.
Patience to the guy that needs to be reminded to put his ante in every single hand for the entire half hour I’m there, I say it’s a new thing we’ve been doing for the last 8 levels.
Patience for the weekend gamblers who tank for every little decision, $12 call takes 2 minutes. I love to check my imaginary watch during those decisions. Act like they are reading someone when they have no clue what they are looking for. The regulars give false tells and the idiots fall for it.
Mostly patience tonight not to put my fist through some pricks face for making fun of a mentally challenged player because he played bad. His first excuse was he didn’t know he was that way. His second excuse was he shouldn’t be allowed to gamble so it’s our fault. It’s become an art form dealing with all these situations on a regular basis. Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. This helps with the patience and it’s part of the job trying to keep all the players happy.

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