To be social or not to be social, that is the question

When you go into any service industry that includes tips you are expected to bring a higher level of customer service so that you can increase your own income as well as make for a pleasant customer experience for your employer. Poker isn’t quite what casino games and serving entail. You are there to provide a fair, unbiased and fast moving game to customers. You get tipped based on the fact that you usually only make one person happy per hand. After years of dealing you learn that some people love to be interacted with, and others just want you to shut up and deal. For the majority of the people that come in to play poker this is their entertainment and although it’s not exactly your job to entertain them, most appreciate a great attitude and a nice hello, preferably using their name. I try and remember the majority of their names and some tidbits about them that I have picked up over the years. Details about kids, jobs, vacations, memorable hands, bad beats, sports, movies, just about anything you can think of to have a small conversation about. These people have been taking care of me for years and they deserve to feel like my favorite customers for that. When I say small conversations it’s because it should be just that, for as much as I would love to talk for hours about our football team, the guy in seat nine wants me to deal the damn cards and not be distracted. It’s a happy medium making some people feel like they are at home(or away from home in some cases) and making others feel like this is a well run professional card room. A great dealer will know how to try and make everyone comfortable and also make good money. If you carry a bad attitude because the tips are bad or you’re having a crappy night you’re being unfair to the people that are having a good time, or could be having a better time, so we suck it up and act like everything is peachy. Sometimes having a quick conversation with someone takes your mind off the negative and helps keep the attitude positive.

One thought on “To be social or not to be social, that is the question

  • April 26, 2014 at 1:18 am

    off the table, im always pleasant as pie. get me in the box, and it’s down to business. my players enjoy their time at my table because i will not deviate from procedure, and they get the maximum number of hands per hour physically possible. don’t get me wrong, i will crack a joke if i sense the mood at the table becomes a bit too serious.


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