Just to clear the air about my views on tipping. I appreciate every tip I’ve gotten, most people are very generous and it’s been an honor dealing to all the great people out there. It’s their money, they don’t have to tip. I understand if you’re running bad and finally win a little pot, don’t worry about it. You make minimum wage and win a small pot at the low stakes game, I get it, have fun. You forgot because something distracted you, it’s ok. Most people go out of their way to make the first thing they do after raking in that pot is to toss a buck or two, thank you. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins and to be greedy is not something I try to do.
It’s the dead stiffs that get under my skin and leave me scratching my head and wondering A: who raised this cheap ass B: why does this f%#^ think he is exempt from common courtesy C: does he really think that lowly of the dealers?
Again it’s never mandatory to tip, but you have to wonder what’s going through their head. I would never stiff a waitress, I leave 15-25% depending on service. Our industry is for the most part different. What makes the “service” industry is that people pay and tip based on service, we get tipped based on luck and skill. Actually trying to be funny or endearing to a guy(from a guy) can be weird and at higher stakes the players would rather you shut up and deal, hence taking your personality out of the service equation. At lower limits sometimes your best bet is getting to know the players on a more personal level so they feel more comfortable tipping more on a big pot, or just tipping on small ones. But again luck and skill wins pots, people don’t tip if they don’t win a pot. Did I give bad service? No, I just couldn’t let your aces hold up. I’m sorry. That guy that ran you down has got the tip this hand(I hope).
You can deal a fast accurate game, be polite and very prompt to every request. Don’t watch TV, keep your mind on what your doing and push that $50 pot, that monster $10000 pot, that 2 out river and still get stiffed by that jack ass. Was it bad service? It doesn’t matter, this guy has an issue with tipping. What is he thinking? I will never know because I can’t ask him. Unless I see him at a bar then I might ask why after I knock him on his ass. I hope he gets cancer and suffers. Wait he tossed me a buck….he’s ok….for now. They say don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in his shoes, they are right, I don’t know what is going through his head. Maybe it’s just a short circuit, or a service employee have him such a bad experience he will never tip again(thanks buddy). But conversely let this guy sit in the box for a half hour and deal to people like him, he would punch his damn self. So when I say if you can afford to gamble, you can afford to tip. It comes with an asterisk, poker players keep me fed and warm and it could be worse, I am blessed for all that I have.

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