This is the service industry

Poker and casino jobs are different from most other service industries as we have the luxury and the curse of getting tipped before, during and after our interactions with the guests we serve. As with most service jobs we are paid minimum wage and our wage is “expected” to be made up from tips. This is how our government has established service jobs in the US. In other countries dealers get a higher wage and obviously less tips. Even worse some countries dealers get a higher wage and no tips. What is their incentive to give great customer service? Conversely here, tips are a huge portion of our wage so our customer service has to be excellent or you suffer economically. Take a server or a valet guy. They get tipped after the “service” has been completed. If they receive a poor tip, or no tip they will most likely be upset and will probably never see that customer again. If you continue to stiff the same server over and over, do you think your food or drink is safe from spit? Cardinal rule of don’t mess with people that serve you food.
Now dealers on the other hand ship you pot after pot, day after day, over and over. You sit there all smug and don’t tip(my only explanation is that you think you are immune to common courtesy), you think I’m going to smile and think you are a swell guy? You’re probably thinking what are you gonna do about it? Most of my players are great, they tip every hand and have a good time. You ever hear a dealer flip out on somebody for some mundane detail? Or enforce some obscure rule? Or just give them a real snobby attitude? It’s probably because they aren’t tipping. Again it’s a service industry. My service depends on if I’m tipped.
The great thing about poker is that there are two sides to every argument. We can very easily take either side. You want to berate another player? I can take his side and make you look like a complete jack ass. I know how to ruin somebody’s good time. I can call a floor over and know exactly what to say to get you removed, cut off or reprimanded. If there is a decision I can skew the facts or my version of the “facts” knowing what decision the floor will make. If a server KNEW how you were going to tip after the meal you think that would affect their service?
You want a waitress? I can definitely make sure you get one quick or not at all. Did you throw too much in on that last betting round? Hmmm only I know. We can get more devious than you can possibly imagine. It’s a funny thing that people take for granted, not tipping service people. It’s your choice, but be prepared to get the service you deserve.
I love 99% of my customers and you will always get great service from me. I reserve the worst of the worst for those repeat offending 1% that I feel deserve it.

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