These Guys Are Good

If you have ever seen a PGA commercial lately, they say “These Guys Are Good”. Well yeah, they are pro’s. If you have ever researched how hard it really is to be a PGA tour pro, you would know how insanely good they all are. These guys that are scratch golfers don’t hold a candle to these players. The average golfer is a bogey golfer, 18 handicap. Try cutting 18 strokes off your game regularly and now cut 3-5 more strokes. And play at that level for years.

Poker pros don’t need to be that far above the average player, but in comparison they are quite a bit better. I deal to local “pros” and guys with inflated egos, and then I deal to real pros, people that really make their living off of poker, both cash and tournaments.

The reason I feel I can notice the comparison, is seeing how all different levels of players play against each other every single day. I watch the pros make unbelievable hero calls and big bluffs. They also play very well on just about every hand. Recognizing not only what their opponents have, but how to manipulate that to their advantage.

Sometimes they will give small tidbits of what gave off their reasoning for playing a hand the way they did, and you should always listen. Just like pro golfers they have instincts far above and away from other players. And like any professional it comes with time and experience. Guys love to jump in and tangle with them, and just try and get that “One Shot” at beating them in a hand. They get all excited when they do, but eventually, more often than not, the pro systematically gets their chips back, and then some. Its almost awkward at how they gush over these guys. This may be the only “sport” where you can play with pros in the same game, sometimes you may need to play way above your pay grade, but at least you get to compete with them.

There was a tournament recently where one of these pros (no big name, but recognizable to most locals) was playing with a bunch of guys. It was a bigger buy in tourney, so it brought out some of the better players. The hand came down between a pro and one of the locals. Nothing to spectacular, but on the river the board ends up A-7-10-K-5, the local bets small and the pro raises, the local tanks for a minute then shoves. The pro then goes into his tank. He starts talking the hand through quietly, and then starts to do a little bit of needling to get info. Now the tourney isn’t that big that I would enforce the no talking about the hand rule for a couple jabs, but if one guy really was trying to get on a guy I would. The local says “well what do you think I have?”. The pro says “A 10”. The local says “Is that good?”, the pro says “Yeah”, ┬áthe pro then throws out the call and says “well what do you got?”, the local flips A 10 of course, the table gets loud for a second. Impressive. The pro showed A Q, says “nice hand”, and doesn’t say much else.

Of course, about 6 hands later the pro traps the local, who ships again on the river with top two pair and loses to the pros set. This is just one example, but there are amazing things( in the poker world, to the average Joe it’s really not that impressive) these guys do every time they play to extract chips consistently enough to not have to work real jobs.

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