Sometimes you just gotta listen

Live poker for most is a social game. People come in to shoot the breeze and just socialize, lose a few bucks, have a couple beers and gamble. I’ve got plenty of regulars that know that I will listen to any and every story they tell me. For quite a few players it’s about some history or other very interesting things that they have experienced. I welcome this, the knowledge some people possess is something you will never read in a book or find online. Then there’s the “this one time” guy. I really feel it’s my job to listen no matter how mundane and repetitive the story is. Sometimes it’s hard, his stories usually are like “this one time the guy had aces and I had K10 and the flop came K10J, he bet and I raised and he reraised and a Q came on the turn…..not even bad beat stories just, um stories? Like your bartender at your local watering hole when there are 4 people in there, he HAS to listen to your story. Go ahead, lay it in me. I’ve heard em all.
Now let’s get to the weird stories of the week, these are all tournament stories today. First one our experienced tourney player bets out on Q74 board and this guy just stares at him for like 45 seconds, the experienced player starts messing with him, fidgeting, acting all tense, glancing back at the icy glare. He calls. Now the turn is a Jack, experienced player bets again and our starer just glare at him again, this time for about a minute and a half. This guy is rough looking, plenty of long days in the sun, I’m guessing hauling bricks or something. He calls. River is a 2, experienced player goes all in, guy folds. He shows 77 for a set, the weirdo says your lucky I didn’t hit my 10. Really? What read are you looking for when you are calling a quarter of your chips for on a gut shot? It was a pretty menacing glare, maybe he was turning to get him to fold to the stare.
Same tourney about 3 levels in, 2 players on the flop, bet, raise, reraise, all in, call. Q94 board, one guy flips over AA other guy flips over AQ, board runs out 48. The AQ flails his hands in the air and screams “this is outrageous!”. Tough luck buddy, hate when they get lucky with aces.
Our last character is another first I’ve never seen. Some people come to socialize and some people just have never had the social skills or don’t comprehend what comes out of there mouths. They also misread what comes out of other peoples mouths. One regular in general gets emotional and defensive every time someone says something about their play. Good or bad they think they are making fun of them. They also don’t understand rules and when things are appropriate and necessary. Case in point tonight, this player is donking off their chips in the tourney because they got upset by a comment by a player earlier. The flop comes out and the social irregular bets out and the mean guy raises, our social misfit then fires all in. Back to our mean guy, he tanks for about 15 seconds and a clock is called for? A clock after 15 seconds? Can you guess who called the clock? That’s right our bi polar player! So you fire all in and call a clock on the other guy after 15 seconds, because you want….I can’t even figure out the logic on this one. I’ll just leave it as something I’ve never seen before. Weird. He folded by the way.

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