I’m watching the usual bad play going on and players bicker back and forth, nothing on TV to watch so I listen to the players. One guy is unusually fussy today, probably didn’t have his bottle. There is a very quiet gentleman that keeps winning hands and doesn’t say a word. He is a regular so this isn’t out of the ordinary for him to not say anything, good or bad about anybody. Just has a great time playing cards. Well he plays very badly, calling to the river with nothing and most of the time donates. Today he is on fire and catching everything. The whiny player of course is taking the brunt of the blows. He says to the guys around him, “it’s ok, he will give it all back anyways.” , “Those chips are always in play”, “How can you play so bad?”, “Why did you chase that all the way? Hoping for a mircle?”. The quiet gentleman just stacks the whiny guys chips.

I think to myself, why are you tapping the tank? Why would you want to chase the fish away? I don’t think of these guys as fish, they are my loyal clients. So I’m thinking why are you chasing my customers away? Does the deer hunter yell to the deer “HEY I’m going to shoot you!” . And what is worse, if you chase away the fish you are hurting your fellow players. If you chase away the fish, mister whiny player, you are terrible yourself, you are just left with the sharks. How are you ever going to win now? Some people really need to just keep your whining to yourselves as all your doing is angering the other players, dealers and lowering your own odds! I’ve seen some big “whales” as they call them, get upset at the insults and not come back. The other players basically ran the guy off that insulted their paycheck away.

Another reason this upsets me is that these guys are in there gambling their money away, most of the time they lose, rarely they win, but they are there to enjoy themselves. How would you like to go to a movie and have somebody sit and talk or throw popcorn on you while you try and watch the show. You paid your ticket, you bought your snacks and now someone wants you to leave and not enjoy yourself or get your moneys worth. You don’t tell this guy how to make his money, you damn well better not tell him how to spend it. Sit back and steam, take a walk, cool off, whatever it takes but just SHUT THE *&%* UP! You are only hurting everyone else around you including yourself.

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  • May 7, 2014 at 4:17 pm
    Permalink is so funny when the so-called “pros” tap the glass .it just shows how much they dont know about the game


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