Rookie Mistakes

3/6 game and the board reads 5673K, heads up on the river and a bet and a call. Guy shows a 4 and the other guy says it’s good. The guy with the 4 fires his second card into the muck face down, never exposing it. “FLOOR!” I yell, knowing what is about to happen. Floor rules the guy with the 4 has a dead hand and the second player is awarded the pot. You must show 2 cards face up to win. Ouch.
3 players on the river, 1st player bets, second player tanks and then mucks, 3rd player pushes his cards forward, unprotected, I swoop them up and throw them in the muck. He goes ballistic. Apparently he had a good hand, now dead and gone. Protect your hand at all times. It wasn’t malicious, it’s just what im taught to do. Kill unprotected hands that are pushed forward.
4 players on the turn, first player doesn’t act. The next 3 players check and I throw out the river. Player one says I didn’t get to act. Way too much action to go back, sometimes a floor will kill your hand, you will never get to bet that hand after everyone checks. He cries they skipped him. Doesn’t matter, it’s your job to stop the action or at least speak up.
Tourney action, preflop all in, small blind looks at the big blind and says call, thinking it is just the big blind to call. Wrong, he has to call the all in. Loses.
1/2 NL game, guy has the nuts on the river and someone bets $20 into him! He throws out $100 chip. I say “call”, he says “no it’s a $100”. Nope sorry, oversize chip rule. This goes along with a billion string raise calls.
Guy has $5 in front of him, picks up a monster, tries to pull money out of his pocket. Lol, sorry buddy, only what you started the hand with. His aces get called by 7 players and lose.
5 players on the flop, new guys takes his cards down into his lap. 4 guys call and I put out the turn. He says I haven’t called yet. “Where are your cards?”. He brings them back up, “dead hand buddy”.
Omaha 8 game, guy calls 3 bets on the river and says “nut low!”. I say there is no low, only 2 cards 8 or less out there.
Can’t think of any other examples right now but these are mistakes even people who have been playing for years can make too. Gotta pay attention, learn the hard way sometimes. Any other bonehead plays you have witnessed comment below.

2 thoughts on “Rookie Mistakes

  • September 22, 2015 at 10:52 am

    I actually did the oversized chip mistake. Rivered a straight flush, guy bets 40, I throw in a black chip (100) thinking I’m raising, and forgot to verbalize it. Probably missed out on the rest of his stack. Lesson learned!

  • September 24, 2015 at 6:35 am

    I saw a guy (in a tournament) lose a hand with four aces. I’ve forgotten now what he did, but it was something that killed his hand.


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