Do you really think you are that cool?

Back in the day the Fonz was cool, James Dean was really cool, snoopy as Joe Cool was…well you know. I’m pretty sure everyone knows someone that really thinks they are the shit. They may be the bees knees, but if you really are a role model and idol to people you usually don’t act like the biggest Dbag in the world. As a dealer I obviously see people from all walks of life and egotistical highs and lows. The guys I’m talking about are the ones that calculate every move they make. They muck the cards with a disgusted flick EVERY SINGLE TIME. They toss their chips in the same way every single time, with a roll of the eyes and act like it’s the biggest chore in the world. They choose not to engage anyone without saying something snide, like the other people at the table don’t deserve a full sentence out of your mouth, they aren’t worthy.

I sit and wonder if these guys act like that at home, to their wife and kids. She asks him to take out the garbage and he rolls his eyes and stomps outside. The kids want homework help and he just ignores them because he is too busy on his phone or watching the game. Do they act like this at their job? The boss asks for the report and he snorts and flicks the papers forward with his finger. Shuts the doors on old ladies and acts like it would’ve been too much of an inconvenience to hit the elevator open button. Driving his grand prix it would be too much trouble to move out of the fast lane when someone is on his ass. Does he wear his sunglasses everywhere like someone might peer into his empty soul if he doesn’t?

The disrespect for other people from these guys is amazing. Especially dealers, hence why I feel the need to call them out. Not like they are gonna quit being douchebags, but it makes me feel better. Where does this sense of thinking they are better than everyone else come from? Or maybe that have such bad social disorders they hide behind this little facade, looking like the Fonz, wearing leather jackets and sunglasses, some type of gay man jewelry. Intentionally ignoring common courtesy because they have no clue how to interact appropriately with other humans? In this case I may feel a little sympathy for them.

When someone is just the biggest tool in the world and obviously I am stuck looking at their every action for a half hour a few times a week, too many days a year, each little thing gets on my nerves more and more. Every little flick of the cards, every time they disgustingly throw chips everywhere, every breath they take just annoys the shit out of me.

Another instance that I have noticed quite a bit lately is tournament players that think their shit doesn’t stink. You get these guys on the local circuits that have had some success, while quite a few of these guys are great guys, it’s the ones that think they are gods and if there wasn’t luck they would never lose. I’m talking about these guys that think they are Ivy or Helmuth. They whine about the structure, the horrible bad beats, the staff. They have a couple of toadies that follow them around, who sit on the rail and cheer them on because somehow their lives are worse then these Dbags, or there is nothing else to do.

Newsflash for you….outside of your little circle of followers no one really cares! Look at how many tournaments there are, thousands of winners. These small circuits don’t even pay that well, you can’t retire off the 3 cashes you had this year. You might not have even broken even for the year because you play every event, firing 3-4 bullets. So you had your picture on the internet, big deal. Come down to earth. Acting like a diva on my table.

I’m used to guys acting like pricks to me, kind of what I get paid to put up with. Then they are douches to the waitresses, staff and most of all other players at the table. Extremely nice people that they berate about everything, or don’t have the courtesy to respond when they ask a question. Maybe they act like this because they are beat at home, man I hope so. Trust me buddy, you aren’t that cool, outside of here and at the table.

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3 thoughts on “Do you really think you are that cool?

  • April 20, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Suck it up dealer, quit bitching and just deal the fucking cards!

    • April 21, 2016 at 8:51 am

      I do deal the fucking cards, you don’t hear me bitching at the table, just like I wouldn’t hear you say that to my face you pussy.


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