Random acts of kindness

Dealing a low limit game and I kept pushing pots to a cheap douchebag, it happens, nothing new here. After about the 8th pot I shipped this POS a player across the table gave me a dollar, and said “I see your not doing that well”. My faith in humanity is restored. This is very rare, but it’s nice to see that someone else can see my anguish and has the generosity to give. A dollar goes a long way. This brings me to some other random acts of kindness that have been bestowed upon me over the years,
-Someone finds a dollar chip on the floor and sticks it in my box.
-a player tips another player for absolutely no reason, and the player gives it to me
-when someone gets up from the table and throws a buck or two. This is more customary from blackjack after a winning session. Not so much poker because we are tipped per hand usually.
-some people just tip more every hand, whether is an extra buck, sometimes the more generous ones give 3-7 a hand. Can never push the pots to those guys.
-after winning a jackpot, promotion or tourney a favorite player will come find you and drop a few bucks in the box
-we have a couple regulars that give all the dealers $5-10 for Christmas.
-gave good advice to someone on a sports bet or horse race, they’ve come by and donated to my cause, life.
-I’ve been given tickets to sporting events and shows.
-big discounts on services like car repair because you’re one of their favorite dealers.
-candy for small pots, almost everyone loves candy.
– I had a player once who was facing an all in bet of like $150 tank and say “if you show me I’ll fold and give the dealer $5″ of course the guy didn’t take the deal the player called and lost. I did appreciate the offer though, strange but generous, usually you offer someone a few bucks to show their cards.
-this brings us to a dealers dream. ” you bring it home and I’ll chop the pot with you” put players on a run and 1 in a 1000 will make this offer, you still have to bring it home. I average about 3 offers a year like this and have safely brought home like 10. One was for about $240.
The ying and the yang of this crazy world is that there are people out there that help you keep your sanity.

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