Psychology test

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I’ve always been intrigued by what is going on in a stiffs (someone who never or rarely tips) mind. It’s really hard to have a conversation with someone like that because of the hatred I feel for them. Well last night I got stiffed by a guy after a couple decent sized mid limit pots(I recognized him and knew he was a stiff in the past as well) and decided to engage him. He had on a logo on his shirt of some company I had never heard of. I asked him what the logo meant and he became excited and said it was his business. He went on to start explaining what he sells (mall kiosk type product) and it’s actually something I would think about buying. I stopped talking to him and continued dealing the game, after 5 minutes or so he seemed to become quiet so I asked him a couple more questions, I actually became interested in the product. For my final question I asked him what mall his kiosk was at and of course he told me and explained what store it’s in front of, and said “come by I will hook you up”. Low and behold just after he says that I ship him a miracle gut shot for a $400 or so pot. I waited for the results of my test…….stiff. Damn I was disappointed, this guy actually believes that he can disrespect me and I’m actually going to buy his product? Why would I help your income if you are hurting mine? It’s amazing how business owners can completely shut out potential clients, we have 100s of dealers all making a decent wage, most who would love to give business to the people that keep us warm and fed. Instead they do the opposite, they alienate our business and referrals, sometimes we go as far as to deter someone from using their business. What school of marketing did they go to? Especially if you wear your product or business on your person when you stiff dealers. My psychology test of the stiffs will continue.

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