Poker is just like golf

I’ve come to realize poker is a lot like golf in many ways. They are both games of skill that the more you at generally you get better. Poker has a huge luck aspect, but golf has some as well, a nice bounce vs a bad bounce. There is an over abundance of learning materials on both, neither do you have to be in great or any kind of shape to play. They are both a way to hang out with the guys and get out of the house. To be good at both you must be very focused. The list goes on and on. My view on it comes from a different angle. Working unusual hours you get the freedom to golf during the weekday, which is preferred. Why do you ask? Because weekend golf is full of hacks that think they are good, slow pace of play and terrible etiquette. Wait, sounds like a poker room on a weekend. Players that think because they run their home game and can beat their wives and clueless coworkers they can come to the card room and slow the game down and critique everything that is going on, especially to a friend that is learning the game. They are also there to unwind after a long week of work, have a few beers and enjoy themselves. Again there is the parallel to golf on the weekends. Weekdays on both consist of regulars that enjoy fast pace of play, knowledgeable and higher skilled opponents. Pick your poison in the card room but know what to expect.

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