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If you love poker you undoubtedly own at least one full tilt, pokerstars or party poker piece of clothing. Even if you didn’t play online, these pieces of gear were floating around the poker world during the “boom”. The people that live and breathe online poker would use their points for these items because thats pretty much all the points were good for. If you played enough you could stock your family and friends with christmas presents for years.

Those companies paid big money to poker pros and anyone that would make a highly televised poker final table to wear their gear or logo to get more exposure for their brand. Then Black Friday happened. The pros still had their ways of playing and endorsing their brands but the everyday U.S. poker player didn’t have access to all the free poker gear. This may have been a good thing, as these logos were so boring and you would see so many in a poker room it was kind of an eyesore after awhile.

I still see amateurs who doesn’t play much live poker come into the card room decked out in full tilt gear he probably had stored. I also see people come in with generic Walmart T-shirts about hold em and funny hats about holding their “nuts”.

Some new brands have jumped at the opportunity to fill that void for our poker players that love poker. One of the biggest flaws with the old gear is it was dominated by 3 brands and they all were pretty boring and ugly. To solve this the new brands have made the gear attractive and sometimes witty. I’ve seen a few different poker apparel ideas and have seen different marketing methods and some pretty damn good ideas.

Monster Stack Gear

The first company I will profile is Monster Stack Gear. They have both mens and women’s T-shirts as well as a few accessories. Their company goes after the in your face poker shirt with witty sayings and a bunch of different styles.

They aren’t really branding a logo on most of their shirts, it’s more of a creative style type brand. Check them out they are running a 20% off special with the coupon code monster stack.

Bust Out Poker

This company must be from the east coast as I see a ton of jersey shore type apparel. It kind of goes along the lines of the affliction brand with the tribal designs. They do put their brand name on most things, so if you like that look this is definitely a very good looking brand of clothing and accessories. They also list some of their “pros” that are wearing their apparel so this goes along the lines of old school marketing even though things aren’t televised as much anymore. Check them out here.

Matt Don banner 728x90


Grinder Gear

This company looks like they are going “high end” from looking at their logo. It sort of resembles Gucci and Chanel logos. This company really is branding their name all over their merchandise, whether it be the logo or the name. It is solidifying the “grinder” image. This may be for the more serious grinders out there. They also have some fun designs as well. This is another brand that has a few “pros” wearing their gear. To check them out click on their logo. 

High Roller Gear

This brand seems to have quite a bit of different items for sale. From t-shirts to poker tables and everything in between. Looking at their general images I’m getting a dark, brooding style with the black spade logo. They don’t really have their brand name pasted all over their designs either. Check out their store by clicking on the image. Print


Nuts Poker Clothing

This company is the first I’ve seen that has shops in North America and Europe and from their brand about us page says they want to put the fun back in poker. They have all kind of witty sayings all over their shirts. I don’t see much brand names on anything, more of just a funny saying poker shirt store. They do have a huge catalog and what looks like massive customization options. Click the shirt for more info.


Poker Joker

This is the first company that I’ve seen that is really trying to get their logo across. That is what makes their brand. Its a fun appealing logo that comes across to me as poker is still a fun game, what a lot of people forget. One of the main reasons we started playing in the first place is that it was a fun way to hang out with our buddies and get our gambling fix in as well. I would prefer a free tournament with all my friends to a nitty, dark poker game somewhere. They also have a ranking system where it looks like anyone can become a “jokester” and based on performance you can become a “Pro”. It’s almost a social club that plays poker and puts their logo all up in your face. I like this company as it blends gear and being part of the club. The apparel is fairly simple with bright colors and like I said their logo everywhere. Fortunately its a pretty catchy logo. Click on the “joker” to see more.



In conclusion each of these companies seem to be doing different things in their marketing and brand awareness. Gone are the days you could stick a logo on a guy at the final table and everyone buys your stuff, or play at your internet site. Now you have to figure out how to sell it.

7 thoughts on “Poker Apparel

  • August 2, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    sweet post. anything is better than the TAPOUT or AFFLICTION t-shirts

  • August 3, 2014 at 8:04 am

    i am waiting for poker related adult diapers/catheters 4 those 12+ hour sessions myself

    • August 3, 2014 at 10:47 am

      Graphic. I don’t know if I’ve ever personally seen that happen. I have smelt some pretty ripe players, from body odor to bad breath to smelling like they just smoked a pound of weed. I love talking about munchies with those players. Get their mouths watering.

  • August 7, 2014 at 9:59 am

    I like the Monster Stack Gear. It’s different. I think I’ll order the Certified Shirt. Not to brag, but I’m the ish when it comes to poker

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