People do the darnedest things

I’ve got some big articles planned but for now all I can do is tell the stories of the weird things people said and did in the last week. 1/2 NL player calls off about $50 with ace high to an all in who has KK, pretty normal. A few hands later he calls his last $80 into about a $50 pot with 2nd pair. He slowly gets up from the table and a player asks him if he’s done. Of course with the reply “I’ve just had a bad run of cards I better get out of here”. I understand that when ace high and second pair can’t win a hand your luck has run out.
My next story is the guy with the small blind in the 1/2 game. There’s a raise to $9 , one caller and gets back to him. As he is about to muck I remind him that he has he small blind(he hadn’t put it out yet), well I better call then. Since he is getting the $1 discount and only has to put in $8 more. Of course he flops 2 pair with the K8 and wins, how can you not play that when you are already in for a $1 in awesome position. I wonder how much he would’ve called.
We see all kinds of absent minded things and people are generally ok when a floor or dealer makes a decision because we are going by what the rules are, and the rules are in place for a reason. $10 pot in a 1/2 NL game and it’s checked to the river 3 ways, first player fires $16 into the pot and this other guy throws $8 in, third guy in the pot mucks. Is say to the idiot you need $8 more for the call, he says why? I said this guy bet $16 and you called. He looks at me and says “I bet”, so I had to run the replay back to him. He then tries to take back the $8 because he didn’t see the bet. I tried to be nice and say a player folded behind you after you threw calling chips in and he just didn’t understand why that made any difference since he didn’t see the other bet, he felt he owes nothing. Called the floor and after a few minutes of explaining he threw in the extra $8 and lost. I’m gonna try that next time I get caught speeding “I didn’t see the sign”, might just work.
The next story is about one of my regular high limit douchebags. He starts some story with another player about backgrounds and treating people right, in the mean time he takes down 3 nice sized pots to the tune of about 2k, stiffs me of course, and then as he is stacking the third pot he says to the other player “you can’t forget the little people”. Lol this guy is a piece of work, it’s ok someday karma will catch up with this guy.
Dealing a loose limit game and the pot is monstrous, like 50 big bets in the pot, two players left on the river. Guy check raises the other guy and he calls. Check raiser mucks, no show. “Had to try” he says. Seriously? With that much in the pot the bettor calls with anything, even 9 high has pot odds. Next time you want to throw a big bet away just put it in my tip box and see what the other guy has.
Here is one I have never heard before, one of our cheap regulars is standing behind his obviously inexperienced girlfriend. She lost like $60 and gets out another $100, he starts whispering something In her ear and she looks puzzled. He finally gets frustrated and says “she wants a set up” (new cards). I obviously can’t argue because “she” asked for the setup, not really but still. A couple other players laugh at this guy and he goes back to his game. She blows the $100 in about 15 minutes and I tell her to go hit him and thank him for the set up.

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