People CAN Change

Just like any other job you get to know your coworkers and “regulars” better than most. I think I saw a statistic that  said around 50% of relationships start at work. I see quite a bit of this dating as the employee pool is huge and you end up spending a lot of time at work, together, getting to know each other more than intended. Especially the younger groups of workers, its like a soap opera, or prime time romantic sit-com. Entertaining, and the older you get, the less the gossip you want to hear. It’s funny watching the money hungry women and the things and people they do(especially rich customers). I see the same people in and out of relationships over and over, the ones that cling to a guy for a few years, break-up, hang out at the bar, then latch on to another one. One of the guys that is all fun and hangs out, then meets a girl and you don’t see him outside of work ever again. Being in close proximity obviously you get to know people’s personalities, backstories and baggage so it helps pick out what you want.

Customers in the card room are much the same. You get to know their lives, families, jobs, and personalities good and bad. You get to see some of them at their worst and at their best. I always talk about the douchebags. Through conversation at the table you get to know the depth of asshole they are in their lives. Sometimes they turn over a new leaf and really surprises the shit out of you. Most of the time it’s some kind of life altering event that prompts the change.

One guy was always miserable, pissing and moaning all the time. He started coming in more often than usual, and then he stopped wearing his wedding ring. A few months later he was happy? I can’t see into his life, but I can only assume it was his wife and/or financial situation that was making him miserable. Another guy played quite a bit and was pretty moody and frugal. He hit a big score on a tournament, not life changing, but enough where it kept his mood pretty upbeat and he loosened up in the tipping department.

This can also turn around the other way. Often we get new players in who love the game of poker. They love chatting up the dealers and players, they tip very well, and have a great time. I slowly see them play bad and run bad steadily over a period of time. After awhile they start not tipping as well, they stop chatting with the players and dealers and basically become miserable, crabby players. Guess you have to take the good turns with the bad turns.

Other ways people change the way they treat us can come from other reasons. Dealers tip each other well, their significant others tip well by association most of the time. I’ve seen players that tipped poorly or normally change into great tippers once they start dating dealers. Sometimes I tell a dealer to take one for the team and date a guy so he will tip us ALL better.

I’ve gotten to know players on a different level. This may include common hobbies, topics, careers, sports, kids and anything else you can think of. A player didn’t treat us that well, but one day I found out we have an obscure hobby in common and from then on out every time I deal to him we have a short conversation about this hobby. This also changed the way he treated me in the tipping department. I guess connection on a more personal level was a way for him to see that I am more than just a dealer.

It’s almost a psychology class the way I learn about the effect of life on people and how it affects them in different ways. The douchebags of the world makes me hate my job some days and to see that even the worst people can change gives you some kind of hope. New douchebags will inevitably be born and someday take their place as well as the once great guys that fall into the dark world of douchebaggery. But for now it’s kind of nice to get to know the “new” guy.

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  • December 15, 2014 at 8:00 am

    “Sometimes I tell a dealer to take one for the team and date a guy so he will tip us ALL better.” Now you’re talking. I definitely tip more for that 😉


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