Only in a poker room…

Only in a poker room will you see a bunch of men yell when a team scores a meaningless touchdown. Poker will of course draw in your addictive personalities, smokers, drinkers, druggies and of course sports bettors. In any hometown you get everyone playing poker and watching your hometown team and the moans and yells are harmonious in the room. You get the same thing when a team is down 17 with 4 seconds left and they throw a 30 yard meaningless TD to cover the spread or make the over and the room erupts both with the winners and the losers. Gamblers will be gamblers and it’s great how these guys will cheer sometimes louder for a winning sports bet than say a playoff win for our home team. They can raise $500 all in, but are screaming about a $100 sports bet. Weird. PS had Indy on the money line yeah boy!!!

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