Online Poker 101: A Bluff Free Guide to Winning

Online Poker 101: A Bluff Free Guide to Winning

Online poker is in many ways an entirely different game from its real-world counterpart. Where experienced live poker players can often read subtle cues in their fellow competitors to help organize an effective game plan, online play eliminates this factor and permits much different tactics from the typical player. This means effective strategy goes a long way to taking the pot, particularly in games involving real stakes at

Getting Started

The first thing novice poker players should understand is that competing at a winning level consistently takes an extraordinary level of time and effort. No player has a winning session each time, and even the world’s highest-ranked players have an off night, and so the important thing for players who want to increase their skill level is to gradually develop their talents and decision-making by learning from their mistakes at the table. The top players are those who make sound decisions with the highest frequency, and although everyone loses sometimes, the best lose a lot less.

Your Hand

Poker is a game of mathematics at its core, and playing it well requires the ability to fill in information gaps with intelligent guesses. A winning round of poker begins with the selection of your best starting hands, and while a good hand doesn’t guarantee victory, entering with a strong hand gives you the best chance at victory more often than not. Knowing the defined starting hand guidelines can help tremendously in choosing the best starting hand, but the quality that separates the professionals from the amateurs is the ability to manage it effectively.

Staying Cool

Keeping a calm and calculating mindset is essential to winning in both online and live poker. Skillful poker play requires significant skills at analyzing play progressions, betting patterns and player tendencies, and emotional responses to game developments can greatly hinder this. Even an elite poker player can be thrown off his game by becoming overly emotional or “tilting,” and so one of the most important things to remember when playing online poker is to keep your emotions in check regardless from the result. If necessary, take a break that could save your bankroll.

Selective Play

Carefully selecting the hands you’ll play is a winning strategy in online poker games. Players can be much more patient online without the pressures of live competitors, and may even be playing multiple hands at the same time to both increase their experience level and consider each move more meticulously, adopting a more conservative style overall.

This means that new players can make an immediate impact by playing moderately strong hands more often than folding them, as the chances are much higher that a given hand will play well against a lower number of competing hands. While this strategy does slightly lower the value of an extraordinary hand, it does increase the number of options for a player during more common draws.

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