One strange 3/6 game

With no limit hold em taking over the majority of games, limit hold em still has it’s loyal followers. It seems like the people who love to have more fun play these games as they can play as bad as they want or play every hand and a few hundred bucks will last them a few hours. In a no limit game, even a 1/2 game you won’t last very long. Tonight had the usual collection of fun havers. These stories are true but the names have been changed since I didn’t have them sign a waiver. In this particular 30 minute down I had 3 unusual occurrences on this 3/6 limit game that made me wonder and laugh. The game was a bit wild with lots of raising. This young kid raises under the gun and it gets re-raised and raised again and once more so it’s capped when it gets back to him. He says “that escalated pretty quickly”. It made me giggle as the news team fight in Anchorman is one of my favorites. His aces held up for a monster pot. A couple hands later a guy wins a couple of decent pots and he pulls his phone out and takes a picture of like $200 in messy $1 chips. I know he took a pic because his flash went off. I’m still searching Instagram for his awesome pic. I wish I could get that excited for $200.
The last occurrence a guy goes 5 bets preflop without looking and then 14 bets all in on the flop with another player. So $57 without looking at your cards. His bottom pair unfortunately lost to a set. Why can’t someone come up to me and see here, have this $60. I was thinking I don’t want it and I want you to have it. Someday.

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