Oh Table captain, my Table captain!

“Oh Table Captain, My Table Captain!”

Another guest post from “plinko” a fellow dealer.

We’ll pick up this story in Level 5 of the 100k guarantee at Maryland Live! (Which by the way offered top notch service from waitresses to chip runners to supervisors and some of the best all-around dealers I’ve ever had!) I was on the other side of the table, actually playing the tournament for a change. I was in Seat 10 cracking jokes and putting smiles on the faces of both my tablemates and the dealers.

Our “hero” today is a man in his 50s who wore dark sunglasses, folded all but three hands in five levels and was quite vocal against players doing trivial things like waiting till their turn to look at their cards. He looked bewildered when any hand less than pocket queens was tabled for a winner and didn’t hide his disgust. He also “clarified’ every rule and action, often incorrectly. This was also a self-righteous man who harassed the waitresses and called a floor man over once to complain that I was “having too much fun for a tournament and should be moved to a cash table.”

Then the Antes began. One hand after another Mr. Angry Bird would reach into any stack he could reach to pull an ante out and place them in front of him. Sometimes one ante, sometimes up to six! With a 25 ante this didn’t seem problematic but at 75 it was pure hell for dealers because our Table Captain would fail to distinguish who had anted and who had not but had no problem placing a pile of chips in front of him even for a new dealer.

After being asked to stop repeatedly the man then attempted to say, “if the dealer would control the game….” In 11 years of dealing I’ve never seen an entire table defend the dealers the way these guys did! It warmed my heart.

For all the Table Captains out there, we dealers do appreciate when you remind players to ante and communicate with us in subtle but helpful ways that keep the game moving swiftly but don’t be that guy that no one likes. Not everyone can be as awesome as you sometimes.

– Plinko

Your Poker Dealers 2 Cents

Players should never, ever make change with bets or antes that are in the pot, if the bet or action changes it messes everything up. We have made change and will ask someone with a lot of chips if needed. It also comes into question who anted and who didn’t, also it only messes up our process.

Every once in a while a dealer will be wrong. Whether its from a momentary lapse in brain power, happens to all of us, inexperience or just not knowing a rule or figuring something out wrong. You better be 110% sure they made a mistake before you should speak up. The guy that thinks he knows everything is usually wrong. It slows the game down and makes you look like the real ass that you are.

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  • August 21, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    the only thing i hate about poker is poker players


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