Misdirected anger

1/2 NL game. Player A limps under the gun, next player makes it 10, next player makes it 20, next player makes it 40. It comes all the way back to player A who now makes it 140 to go, the player who originally made it 10 flat calls the 140. Next 2 players fold. Before I can put the flop out player A shoves blind, flop comes Q47. The other guy thinks for about 2 minutes and calls with JJ, board runs out Q4723. Player A throws down K8 and starts yelling about “how can you call” “you play so bad”, among a few other things. Well when you shove dark it’s a pretty easy call. If you shove after the flop it might be quite a bit harder to call now that someone actually sees the Queen and might think you have one. Now as you storm off, were you really yelling at the other player or were you yelling at yourself for imploding? Great players control their emotions, settle down sir.

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