Looking for feedback for a free iOS poker app

I’ve been asked to advertise a free poker app for iOS devices and the developer is looking for feedback. This blog is not just poker dealer stories. It’s much like the tight knit poker community with players, dealers and everyone that loves poker being able to communicate with each other about anything. So check out the app if you have an apple device and leave feedback.  It seems like a great app for keeping track of your play.

PokerTrack is the first app of its kind to allow unlimited tracking for FREE.  It is designed to be simple yet effective.

(link image to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pokertrack/id814156994?ls=1&mt=8)


The “quick track” feature allows you to quickly track your play based on your most active playing criteria.  It is the perfect tool for the online poker player who has multiple tables going at one time.



The stats page allows you to quickly see where your money receives the highest return.  A quick check on the stats page will let you know if you should sign up for another $11 sit-n-go, or if that no-limit game is where you should be.



This app is a must have for every poker player and with no price tag, there is no reason you shouldn’t download it today.


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