Little man syndrome

I don’t know if you’ve all experienced this but little men, not to be confused with little people, can be an angry sort. The average male is 5′ 9″ and these guys are usually a few inches below that. They get mad at the world and act all tough and angry, probably because they know no one will kick their ass because they are so little and feel sorry for them. Well yesterday was little man syndrome day. The first incident was an older guy, never seen him before jumps into a spot just vacated by the player who just left. Players are sent to the table by staff once a seat opens up and this guy couldn’t have been sent since the seat just vacated. So I yell “player in”, knowing this. He snarls back “I’m on the list”. Yep, I know it’s my first day(sarcasm) but I’m pretty sure they didn’t send you. They verify he was first up and he gets the seat, with a check in with the staff warning next time. Then he says “get me some chips”, I have someone on the way for that sir. Wow, this guy is in a great mood. He starts playing and every hand he plays he starts tossing chips in farther and higher, I try giving him a hint by putting my hand and arm as a barrier so the chips don’t splash the pot. What does he do? You guessed it, tosses them over into the pot. Argggg, ok I stop the game and basically chastise the little man. You will put your chips right in front of you without tossing them, think your at a home game?( pretty sure this is where he got his poker experience). He then put his chips in all careful next time. Pouting because he got yelled at.
The next guy is a regular always angry, he folded for the first 2 orbits and was unusually grumpy. Finally he was under the gun, I deal out the cards, he stands up(I think he stood up, hard to tell) and throws his cards down face up, I say “come on man” he yells “well quit giving me bad hands”. He racks up and leaves. I guess we both win.
Third kid, never seen him before. Wearing what looks like all mismatched “trending clothing” with 2 man(boy) rings on each hand and a nice big shiny rapper cross(this a new thing?). I can only giggle, but some people just have social disorders so I can’t judge. Everything going normally, he seems to be playing every hand, not a big deal. He wins a big pot with J4. I deal out the next hand and he folds, I think how bad was that hand he folded. A few hands later he wins a monster with 62 off. I deal out the next hand and he folds again? I look at the 5 seat and we both have a puzzled grin on our faces. “I wanna know what that hand is!” He says, then it hits me. He only folds so he can stack chips. I ask him, “can’t multitask?” He looks at me, dumbfounded. “How did you know” I bet he was thinking. All 3 of these little men didn’t tip either. Mad at the world. Oh well.
The fourth guy is the opposite, about 6′ 6″. Playing a micro tourney, short rounds, fast structure, crap shoot. He blows his stack about halfway through. Talking with the player next to him he says “this is what I do for a living”. I know this guy, he plays small limit games. The rake eats you alive, you can’t be a pro playing 2/4 and micro tourneys. Gave me a good laugh.

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