Like father like son, sometimes

Like father like son, sometimes

What brings more pride to a fathers face then your son doing milestone things in his life. His first basket, his first hit, first good report card, first girlfriend, first strip club and of course the first time you bring your son to the card room. He is now of age to battle with all your buddies and enemies at the local card room. I’ve seen plenty of father/son, mother/son, mother/daughter and ¬†father/daughter duos come and play together and often for the first time. There are also plenty of father/son players that share the same love/addiction for the game that we all love. The combinations are endless, terrible fathers and skilled sons or rich fathers and poor sons. Getting to know your players is a good sign of someone that takes pride in their customer service, so I have some background on a lot of my players. This gives me some insight into perhaps how kids are raised and taught things like manners and such. It also gives me some insight into generosity or lack thereof. Some of the things i’ve witnessed are redneck generous fathers and their equally generous older son. Now the baby redneck of the family is extremely annoying, cheap and plays terribly. We have a blue collar older father who just loves to play and his blue collar son who plays very well and well mannered and generous. A generous well off couple that loves to play and their youngest son is whiney and cheap. The older siblings are very well mannered and generous. This takes us to the moral of the story. I had one of my well off terrible playing regulars come in with his son for the first time and sit down at a 1/2 NL game. A little on the background of the father, he plays high limits, badly, and is one of the cheapest people i’ve ever dealt to. It happens, this small percentage of players that gives a bad name to the poker industry. Now his son had the same pointy nose and tiny little chin ( I love picking out all the cheap asses flaws as I sit there and think bad thoughts in my head). His father wins the first pot, stiff of course, as expected. His son wins the next 3. Now I don’t like to stereo type because I’ve had cheap fathers come in and expected the same out of their sons but they tipped, and apologized for their cheap dads. I also know that new players to the card room aren’t always up on tipping procedure so sometimes they take the hint from the other players throwing money to the dealer when they win. If they don’t notice that sometimes the person they come in with will let them know what common courtesy is. Of course I’m drawing dead on that happening as his dad is annoying, cheap and like i said has a pointy nose and little chin. So I get stiffed those 3 pots from the kid, he flopped the nuts twice and tried to raise a $20 bet to $30 so I knew this had to be his first time. I finally got one to another player that did tip and made sure i rapped the tray loudly and said “thanks for the tip”, hoping the kid might see it and learn. I ship the dad 2 more pots and of course I get stiffed. The kid wins another and I wait and see….nothing. In the end I give the dad and the kid 12 pots in 30 minutes, the kid wins $500 without betting over $50 and flopping the nuts 4 times and making quads once. I make $4 from the other players, thanks guys. I’ve actually seen a few of these kids born with a silver spoon in their mouth or ass or ass to mouth. Most of them are cheap, and little assholes. Kids from blue collar people are very appreciative and also very polite and well mannered, most of the time.

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    sounds familiar !


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