You should know better

When I go out to restaurants, other casinos and everywhere else I encounter other service employees I always make it a point to treat other people well. I know almost all of the service “tipped” employees who play at my table are usually generous or ¬†at least tip every hand. Even if the service is bad I still reluctantly leave a decent tip but not as good as I normally would have. The reason I said earlier “almost” all of service employees tip well, there are still quite a few who don’t.

For those people who tip poorly or not at all, you really are a special kind of Dbag. You understand that the money you are playing with comes almost solely from other peoples generosity. Do you forget so quickly how it feels when someone stiffs you? Or gives you a dollar on a massive lucky pot? For regular customers, any generosity is always appreciated. This is just dealing with tipped employees. It’s funny that they just don’t get it. Maybe they think they are “professionals” and they have to watch their bankroll, that was ironically built up most likely from tips.

There is another side of the coin to this. Knowing if you have some service industry folks on your table you will undoubtedly make some good coin that down. The good with the bad of course. Now if someone is tipping well, service industry or not, I always let them get away with a few more things. Which sometimes can get out of hand, and being the bad guy to the people that are giving you tons of money is tough. Again these people should know better, but alcohol and unwinding in a comfortable environment with all your friends and coworkers can sometimes make you forget.

Scrolling though the internet you can come across some of the stupidest people. When I saw this video I was shocked. Take a peek and read on:

Maybe some of you around the poker world have seen this. Its a DEALER, from what I’ve read, who works(ed) at the Venetian getting upset at a fellow dealer from a different casino and throwing his cards at him. WOW. This is wrong on so many levels. I don’t know what happened to the guy, but I know what immediately most people are thinking. Why didn’t he just kick his ass, or do something…..anything. That’s the part that people who don’t deal, don’t understand. We really can’t say anything. We have to maintain our professional attitude and call a floor and let them deal with it. Now if you can put yourself in his shoes and see if you could sit there and take that, its a tough pill to swallow. The reality of it, is that we HAVE to sit there. We would lose our jobs for saying anything back. And possibly not be able to get another dealer job elsewhere.

We have a certain set of skills, and thats about it. If we can’t deal its off to Mcdonalds or scour the casino floor for a sugar mama. Probably the worst part about dealing with a douche like this or similar is that you STILL have to sit there until the end of your down, and possibly a few more times that night depending on how many tables are going. Probably the next day, week, month you still have to deal to asses like this. Sit there and just let it fester. So you can see why I say that I love 99% of my customers you guys are awesome. But it’s that 1% that can sit there with that smug look, knowing that if I ever saw them outside the casino they would definitely get a piece of my mind. If they want to talk some shit then….that would never happen. They love the fact they can say what they want to a minimum wage employee who can’t say anything back and are too big of pussies to say anything, anywhere else.

Walk a mile in my shoes, enjoy the 99% and try and tolerate the 1%. It gets harder everyday..when is my next vacation.

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2 thoughts on “You should know better

  • December 14, 2014 at 2:22 am

    The same goes for dealers, too. There’s some dealers that mistreat players as well. I was playing at the MGM when a dealer just went off on a player because he didn’t like the topic of his conversation. It wasn’t politics or religion or anything controversial. The dealer was swearing at him and yelling. I’ve never seen a dealer verbally abuse a player so bad….and it was for no reason.

    Then there’s the dealers that don’t enforce the rules. There were two drunk Mexicans playing at the Excalibur about a month ago. Half the dealers wouldn’t enforce the “English only” rule. Players shouldn’t have to complain to the floor to have basic rules enforced. Then these drunk Mexicans started insulting all the players at the table. They were calling the white people “crackers”. They were insulting the Queen to the English players. They were calling black people ‘ni&&ers: They were looking for a fight. They’d be like “Oh, I just insulted him and he didn’t even do nothin.” The dealer just sits there with his head down pretending like nothing’s happening.

    Not only do I not tip these dealers when they act like this, I don’t tip them for several days afterwards. It’s the dealer’s job to run the table, not the players’.

    I don’t like the fact that most dealers get tipped $1 every pot no matter how they do their job. Good dealers should get tipped more. Bad dealers should get tipped less. It’s the same thing with waitresses. Good waitresses should get tipped more; bad ones less. If a dealer is screwing up their table, I just take their tip and give it to the good dealers. The $1 per pot should not be automatic when the dealer isn’t doing their job.

    I think the best way to reward good service is in small pots. If I take down a $10, I’ll tip a good dealer. If I take down a $10 pot, I won’t tip a bad dealer.

    • December 14, 2014 at 11:22 am

      I dont know the situation or the dealer(s). Every rule violation like that should be dealt with, BUT, ive worked in rooms where the floor staff or house doesnt do anything except give meaningless warnings to players for the violations you talked about. Again I’m not defending the dealers actions, or nonaction, but if they are forced to be the bad guy, rule enforcer and the floor comes over and does nothing about it, and doesnt back the dealer up, all of a sudden you are the asshole. Then you have to sit there with these guys face to face for the rest of your down. Next time you should go tell the floor whats going on, be the bad guy, see what they “do about it”. If they do nothing, you can see what it’s like to be us. If they come over and correct the problem then that’s a good thing. Honestly not tipping the dealer makes them feel worse about the table and they just “put their head down” to get through the rest of this half hour. Most of my regulars tip me more when stuff like this happens to let us know they know what we are going through. Some dealers don’t know how to deal with conflict, it’s not easy even as an experienced dealer.


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