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One reason people go to casinos to play poker is that they would like to have everything done for them. Just imagine what you can do. You can walk into a poker room, get into your game of choice, have food and drinks delivered to you, get all the action you can tolerate from all kinds of people from all walks of life. You also get the game fairly and quickly dealt to you.

Now lets look at home games. Someone has to host the game, you have to have enough people to keep it going. Usually there is no reserve list so that money can continually flow into the game. People have to settle arguments and rules violations in an orderly way. And you have to worry about the game being dealt fairly and neatly. I’ve been to plenty of home games where cards are flashed all the time, the pot isn’t right because people are cheating or making their own change. I’ve also seen people setting the deck and doing quite a bit of shady things while dealing.

Lets get back to the point. I am in sort of an authoritative role on the table. I have to be in charge of the action, the pot and make sure people aren’t trying to angle shoot and take advantage of less knowledgeable players. Some people seem to have a problem with authority. You get mad at your boss, police, parents, the president, the list goes on and on. Why do they get mad? Because they want to be able to do whatever they want no matter the consequences or the rules. It isn’t like I have any real power, I just have to keep the game going smoothly while keeping things fair for everyone.

Most of the time us authoritative figures don’t make the rules but we have to enforce them. This is what I tell people when they have a problem with the rules. It is also nice to have floor supervisors to pass the problems off to when someone disagrees. The unfortunate part is that I enforce the rule, someone doesn’t like it, I call a floor over to reiterate the rule, they get to walk away while I still have to sit there with the disobedient baby that isn’t happy they got told “NO”. I wonder if they just expect me to look the other way while they do as they wish.

The thing about rules of poker is they are there for a reason. If we wanted to be in a chaotic do whatever you want game you can organize a home game. The rules are there for fairness in all kinds of situations, the comfort of our other guests, and just because this is a public place and certain rules of decency should be followed. Also if you let the rules slide you get other people that see this and think they can repeat the behavior without any consequences.

I get a kid the other night that flings his cards and hit me, let me see this kid outside the casino I’ll fling something at him, possibly a fist. Anyways I say “come on man, don’t throw your cards”, he says “it’s nothing personal”. Well it just got real personal when you hit me with cards. We have a house rule on foul language. Even though it’s pretty loose we still have to give warnings or call floors depending on frequency, volume and where its directed. I understand its a poker room and foul language happens, but there are lines that get crossed and for the comfort of our other guests, as foul language can create a hostile environment and make people that are there paying the same rake as you, uncomfortable. So I call a floor and the guy says that I have a bad attitude and that I must be targeting him. These are common rules violations, along with splashing the pot because you are mad and throwing your chips everywhere is the logical way to vent. I have to make sure the pot is right, thats why the house pays me minimum wage.

So now that our crybaby has broken the rules and has been warned by me, and again warned by the floor supervisor, he logically has to seek revenge somehow. So of course he doesn’t tip me. Sometimes they love to say “I will never tip you again”. This must make them feel better, they get to save $2-3 dollars a night now when I deal to them. Whew, problem solved. Only problem is, you will never break another rule on my table as long as I’m dealing.

I have to bite the bullet and lose a few dollars a night, actually quite a few dollars as there are quite a few of these little whiney bitches that don’t tip anymore because “I’m just doing my job”. I owe it to all the other players at the table that follow the rules, and like to enjoy themselves, that expect a fair, quick and fun game. I’ve had a few rare occasions where its just douchebags on the table, they get super slo mo dealing speed, and I don’t call out or follow any of the action. It becomes quite apparent the value of a dealer dealt game, while I catch up on sports on TV.

People will always have problems with authority and we take it out in different ways, dealers lose money for doing their job. If the trend of more and more people having terrible attitudes while taking it out on the dealer continues, the quality of dealers may deteriorate. For those of you that have good attitudes and follow the rules, THANK YOU. To the rest, I hope this article makes you think a little, probably not, but at least I tried. Just try and realize the value of a good dealer dealt game and all that we do to make it enjoyable for everyone.


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