It’s all relative


People are always in awe of higher limit games and the way they play. Most are uber aggressive and look like a crazy game, to the untrained eye. The reason they are more aggressive is better and more experienced players know that aggression is the key to winning poker. You have to put pressure on your opponents, it’s something that most of these higher limit guys have been doing for a long time. These guys play A LOT of poker. Some have slowly worked their bankrolls up over the years and this is how they “play” for a living. Most are wealthy people that this is their level of gambling. Lower limit players have a threshold where the money gives them a rush when it goes in the pot. Whether it’s $100 or $500. The same goes for the higher limit players but that rush might not be until the money gets real, REAL big. Yes there are even the bad players that lose most times, but it’s their entertainment. These casual “gamblers” are more prevalent at the lower limit games. To watch the higher limit donkeys lose 1000’s of dollars like its nothing pains me. Oh the TV’s I could buy…
Another aspect I seem to notice now and again is how someone thinks they are good because of the type of game they usually play. At their home game they are the man, or they crush the bar tournament they play every week. Then they step into the brick and mortar casino. Talking trash like these players are going to bow down to them like the regular game they play. Low and behold they play weak and terrible and think that they can out play the little old lady that plays 5 days a week against decent competition. The players recognize that this guy is full of it and wait patiently like when every other bad player gets in the game. They min raise, and over play top pair weak kickers, and cry and whine when they don’t win. So again it’s all relative. Stick to where you belong and when you want to step it up, be humble and learn.

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