Is poker dealing a career?

I’ve heard this question quite a bit and what really is a career?

an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.
synonyms: profession, occupation, job, vocation, calling, employment, line, line of work, walk of life, métier More
the time spent by a person while committed to a particular profession.

According to the definition it is. Unless you want to take a paycut and be a floor or supervisor, advancement is possible but most good dealers make more dealing and prefer not to advance. I’ve always thought of careers as going through college and getting a degree and working in an office and retiring with cake and everyone sings. I’ve never worked in that environment, I started in casinos and I will probably die in one(thanks second hand smoke). I complain about my job but it’s something I love to do. My coworkers are of no concern to me, as I work by myself in front of 9 customers and every half hour I move to the next table. If I do my job like I’m supposed to and just deal you should never have an issue with a boss or supervisor. The hardest part is dealing with a few bad egg customers, so in a way this is an awesome career. If your good enough or even average you can deal ANYWHERE there is an opening, warm weather, cold weather, big cities, small towns, and you build a network of people just like you that look after each other. If I have been in casinos for my whole “working” life it is a career already by definition. The heaviest thing I have to lift is a deck of cards or rack of chips so as long as your back and hands continue to work you can deal well into retirement age without much loss of performance. Besides you deal as fast as you want or as slow as you want. If you want to make more money, deal faster. I’ve also built a ton of lifelong connections with fantastic people that I work and deal to and continue to make new acquaintances everyday. It’s like those people that are waiters or bartenders in college and continue to do it after college, the money is too good, why would you take a paycut and get a “real” job? I love my career, how many people can say that? I hope most can, it makes life easier.

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  • February 27, 2014 at 1:10 am

    Good read! I’ve been wondering about this just recently. I’m in limbo after finally getting my associates and moving to Vegas in August to finish degree and play some poker. I’ve always thought I’d like to deal cards part time. No heavy lifting + tips + social setting is a good work environment.

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