I bet you think your internet girlfriend is hot

Twice in the last 2 days at mid limit games I’ve had 2 world of Warcraft geeks at my table. Striking similarities, unwashed hair, acne, zero fashion sense and extremely awkward at social interaction. I suppose the awkwardness comes from growing up with no friends playing online games and texting as the only form of communication. I’m guessing both played a little online poker because they knew a few terms but didn’t apply these terms to the proper situations. The lack of hygiene comes from not having to go out in public much and obviously no contact with women. Now this is disconcerting to me because our youth have become to distant from common communication, probably still have their mothers make important phone calls for them. What really bothers me is the way I shipped them huge pot after huge pot as they suck out and play real bad, probably playing zynga poker too much, and the first thing they do is dig in the pot with their big fat sausage fingers and grab the dollar(s) chips(it’s higher limit and there is always change in the pot because of the rake) and stick them right on their stack and stiff me. I know they’ve seen the other players tip over and over and continue to be Dbags. Maybe next time mommy will give them permission to tip, or at least use the few extra dollars for some proactive and shampoo.

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