I bet you think your internet girlfriend is hot part 2

Our socially awkward player has been on a pretty damn good run lately. I gave him 12 pots in one down. He did sometime realize what tipping was because on pot #5 he gave me a dollar. It was a 1/2 NL game so 12 pots=$700 roughly. A week later I have him a couple decent pots and of course no tip. Hmmm, he has regressed. He had bought himself a bigger cross around his neck, trimmed up that ugly pedo-beard, had some new buff guy clothes on, form fitting to his chubby arms.
Last night was a different story, mid limit game our hero(lol I mean villain/nerd) must’ve been stuck quite a bit. I could see his lips quivering like he was about to cry. He raises preflop UTG and 4 callers. Flop comes out 862, our nerd checks and the button bets, nerd calls, everyone else folds. Turn is a J and our nerd checks, button bets, nerd raises all confidently and is immediately 3 bet by the button. Need calls. River comes a 4 and nerd check calls the river. Button flips over 86 suited for 2 pair and our nerd throws down his pocket 10s in disgust. For the next 10 minutes he mucks his cards in a different disgusted way, his lips are now quivering our of control. He finally loses his last few dollars on desperation all in. He gets up, put on his new jean jacket(super hot, I know) and tosses me his last buck. “Thanks bro”, you still owe me about $20 for the last month, but that’s ok he might need it more than me now. I’m assuming he is busto. I see this actually quite a bit, new guy comes in and runs like a dream for a week or a month or longer. Moving up in limits with the confidence that no one can beat him. Every draw every time, one pair holds….then crash, it all comes tumbling down. They haven’t been here before and don’t know how to handle the ugly times. Suck out after suck out they lose their cool and all the dollars they won. Hope he enjoyed it while it lasted, maybe bought a year of his World of Warcraft subscription and shipped his internet girlfriend some size 18 Victoria secret lingerie before he blew it all.

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      Dealer not an english major. If you want to proofread all my posts that would be awesome. Send the redos to my email, thanks. In the meantime my 9000 followers will keep overlooking my typos


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