How to talk(or how to not talk) to bad players

Bad players are there to give you their money. They don’t want to give it to you, but inevitably it happens. How do you talk to them? I had the pleasure of dealing to 2 of the biggest examples of how not to tonight.
The first is your run of the mill nitty grinder, plays a hand an hour, might come out slightly ahead in the long run. He belittles these quiet souls about how they play hands. Our bad player sits there trying to remember that this is entertainment while they hope that this ass gets felted and then gets in a car accident on the way home. These players build your bankroll, why are you trying to get them to leave your table? Let them keep enjoying themselves as they give their money away, hoping to get lucky. You might even turn them off from gambling altogether, then it will be just the tough players to play against.
The 2nd player gives them the shoulder to cry on, “oh that was a tough beat”. “You played it perfectly but got unlucky” . He says this while smiling to the other regulars like “hey look guys, I’m buttering him up”. You are actually patronizing them, they know they aren’t that good, they know they got unlucky. This particular player is bad himself, but doesn’t realize it.
Take a note from the good players at the table, they befriend the bad players. They talk about things other than poker. They make it less painful to give your money to them. I’ve noticed this out of the great players. Or just don’t talk at all, we all love that.
If you can afford to gamble you can afford to tip.

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