Money changes everything. Poker and gambling brings out the worst in people. It also shows who the true hypocrites are. Dealing a tournament I sit down and there a guy taking his time every action in the 8 seat. Just wondering if he really is that slow or he read somewhere to pause 30 seconds before every single action. 1 seat starts to say “this is a timed game” everytime this guy acts. A few hands later 1 seat tanks for 3 minutes on a small pot. Hmm guess it’s not a timed game anymore. A few hands later 8 seat takes down a big pot after turning a big flush. The VERY next hand he misses a flush draw, shows his hand and says “I always miss”. WTF, I look at him for a second and bite my tongue.
The biggest example is at least once a night I see a bad player, always chasing, say to another player “how could you stay in on that?”. Or some variation of “I can’t believe you do exactly what I do”. And get mad about it. What they are really saying is how can I chase and miss everytime but when you chase you get there?
It’s funny because I know who chases all the time, who the bad players are. So when they yell at someone else about it I really have to hold back my laughter. I try to understand and my only explanation is the money means that much to them(playing over their head or with rent money) or they are sore losers. Some combination of both perhaps.
I really don’t care much about the banter it just makes me giggle. My biggest complaint about hypocrites are the douchebags who don’t tip, yet their other choices with their money make me shake my head. Overtipping the waitress, giving other players at the table money, buying everyone drinks, straddling, giving random people watching money, calling really bad draws but you still can’t tip? Ass. The big fat ass douchebag that complains about the rake and doesn’t tip(which tells me you are “trying” to play for a living) maybe you should look at your food and snack budget as the leak to your bankroll? We all are guilty sometimes, so some players should look at themselves and not throw stones in glass houses.

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