Highlights from Monday

In the casino industry we don’t work regular hours or days off usually. So when I say Monday it’s the first day in my week after my awesome weekend that consisted of not seeing any poker. Today starts off like any other day, sit in the box and say hello to all the nice people. Dealing a micro tourney, you know the ones that you pay 30-50% juice to the house. Good deal. Everything is going normally until the board comes down 336 and the action is checked, let’s see a turn 9. Lady checks, button bets 1000(100/200 blinds) lady calls. River comes out 9. Lady checks, button bets 4k. Lady calls. Button turns over k9 suited and lady turns over Q3 off and she says “nice river” . How do people ever think they are going to win a tourney if you can’t bet trips? Is she waiting for quads to bet? Maybe at least the nuts before she can safely bet anything. The regulars love players like this. Speaking of regulars, our super flea is in the same tourney and the board is K10Q he checks and hero checks. Turn is 3, flea checks hero bets, flea calls. River is a J and flea shakes his head in disgust and checks, hero goes all in and the flea folds. Super flea starts whispering to the guy next to him “I had a set, if only he knew what I had!”. Really? How is he supposed to know what you had when you never bet or raised when you were WAY ahead.
“If you don’t tip you might be a redneck”, if a player is wearing camo clothing of any kind, there is a 50/50 chance he isn’t going to tip. I’m not sure what it is but some of these redneck yokels play terribly, drink way too much and of course don’t have the decency to tip. I had the pleasure of having 2 of them at the same table. Redneck one, missing a front tooth, playing terribly takes down two in a row, big pots, no tip. After the 2nd one he straddles. Nothing like throwing dead money into the pot without looking at your cards after stiffing the dealer. Redneck 2, ordering drinks, thinking the black stuff all over his hands and nails and face is attractive so this guy proceeds to win a big pot, stiff me and give the waitress a $10 tip. Yep she’s going home with NOT you tonight. At least I gave you all that money that you’ll lose later. Finally redneck 1 goes all in with 10-7 suited against pocket 6’s flop is J89. Damn, wait, it comes running clubs and the 6 of clubs wins! And redneck 2 wins the pot argggg, can’t get a break. At least one of them is gone from my table.

3 thoughts on “Highlights from Monday

  • April 29, 2014 at 10:12 am

    cool stories but i think u should just concentrate on dealing cards quietly instead of staring ppl down and looking at other players hoping they will laugh with u about how bad someone is or how dillusional they are about their hands and bad beats

    • April 29, 2014 at 11:47 am

      If you think dealers should be mindless machines remember that it’s a service industry. There are actually a big majority of players that tip based on the service/personality aspect of what we do. I don’t make fun of players to get a laugh. Most of the time I’m joking around with players it’s to have some fun with them, people enjoy that. If you want a mindless machine to deal, play online or put your headphones on and drown us out. The reason I started this blog is so people can see what goes on everyday at my table, obviously bad play and weird moments make people laugh and are entertaining that’s why I reiterate them here. Some people I stare down for my own personal reasons.

  • December 4, 2014 at 1:12 am

    “nice river” lady says ,like she was robbed ,haha,saw same thing online today maybe 3-5 times in a 5000 entrant MTT Prog KO I Played – these fish that try and “trap”with flopped sets ,trips or often AA , in micro/low Buy In events -OMG What Are They Thinking-,bet you big hands the fish will still call,so build value and hopefully fold out those drawing hands that may get “That Nice River” 🙂
    Nice Post TY
    ps I made it to 50th -bloody dealer let me down again !!! Haha


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