I would love to share with you some of my gross stories I have encountered in my many years of casino working.
The other day dealing a 2/4 game a bigger woman, nothing personal, takes a bunch of 20’s out of her wallet and puts one on the table to rebuy. Nothing new here, except the rest of the cash went straight into her bra. Wouldn’t you know it 10 minutes later I get 2 of those 20’s to make change. To make things were they were moist now. Mmmm how I love bra sweat. It made me think back to how many times I have received bra money. I would have to guess about 10 times in over 2 decades. Then I thought again about the sizes of said bras, on average 44DD and larger. Once the cash was just absolutely soaked. Just one time in my life I would like to get bra money out of a 36D. Please, is that too much to ask?
I have had on multiple occasions people that have wet and soiled themselves and continued to play, before they and their chair were removed. Poor maintenance workers. I’ve seen drunks vomit on the floor, in the bathroom, passed out in their own vomit in the stalls.
I’ve seen way to many buttcracks both male and female to count. Just once I want to drop a brand new shiny cold quarter down there and see what happens. They can keep the quarter. Way too many big bellys with shirts that don’t fit. On a few occasions some very large cleavage all up in my face as I dealt, I’m sure to distract the men. Again never 36D, always 44DD and larger. Ladies, can I use my “one time” again here? I’ll be on table 7.
I’ve probable seen and been exposed to all kinds of skin diseases. Understandably things happen to people and they should still get to enjoy themselves and I respect that but wow some of the stuff is gross to look at. Along those lines quite a few vulgar and entertaining tattoos.
Quite a few unattractive couples that needed to get a room and not get to third base on my table. Hookers that I watch leave with dirty old men and come back and buy in for $5(blackjack days). Economy was rough I guess.
One time a guy sneezed and somehow the biggest, snottiest booger I’ve ever seen somehow got on his cards. I refused to take them when he folded. “FLOOR!!!”
If you’re in the seats next to the dealer and have bad breathe, please don’t turn to me and talk to me. Just once I would like to spray some binaca in their mouth and tell them you’re welcome. Another preventable odor is DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES at my table. If I smell something I will look under the table for the culprit and ask them “you think your at home?”. If they don’t get the hint I’ll call the floor or ask them if they know what is on these floors.
Someone took a drink of someone’s chew “spitter” one time. Probably went and threw up.
I know I’m missing a few good ones but it’s all I can think of. Feel free to comment your gross stories below.

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  • January 17, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    A guy in his 50s. , all drunk playing a 2-5.. I am dealing on a table across from him and all of a sudden players on my table started looking left-right-back… I am like what happened.. One of them “do you smell something shitty “”??? I tell myself” seat 1″… And I asked him” our table “? While that’s happening the floor man, maintenance, security are all talking to that new player on the other table and escorting him out-he shit his pants and it was all coming out on the floor” The grossest day of my life to have seen something like that


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