Good time of year for tips

You would think tips would be down as people tighten up to buy all those Christmas presents. It’s actually the opposite, as it gets closer to Christmas. It’s a little slow leading up to Black Friday and Christmas, but when people are done spending they find that they have extra left over and want to treat themselves, to a little poker. These people are in a good mood, shopping is done. This time of year is second to one other time of year when people are very generous because of an influx of “new” money. From the middle of February to the end of April people are so happy to get their tax money back they come and play poker. It is by far the best time of year for tips. It reminds me back to the poker boom when everybody had extra money to throw around, at the dealers. Economy was great, housing market made everyone rich. The worst time of year? The end of summer. Summer usually brings in less regulars because it’s time for vacations and kids off of school. By the end of summer they need to plan for school clothes shopping, or they are on vacation and it’s been a long summer.

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