End of an era

I didnt know it until Thursday but the local hole in the wall i play cards at will hold its last Texas hold em tournament next week.

  They say all good things come to an end, and this will be a venue I truly miss. About 6 or 7 years back, Texas Tom, ( we call him that because of his cowboy hat he wears ) was laid off and looking for other sources of income. He convinced the club to let us play cards every Thursday night. Tournaments started at 6:30, $25 dollar buy in,  with cash games going on the side. We had dealers who we tipped ( more on that in a bit ) and a quarterly event held every 3 months with a $60 dollar buy in. 

  Texas Tom grew the night from 3 tables in the tournament and a 5 cent 10 cent cash game to 7 -8 tables full at the tournament and 10-12 tables full at the quarterly . also, the cash games got bigger with 2 full tables of $1 $2 limit. 

     I saw people come and go & i had nights I cut up/acted the fool. 

      I’m not exaclty sure what happened, but the board members of the club are shutting it down, no one will talk. I do know the state stepped in a few weeks ago and said no more tipping of the dealers was allowed, which is pretty crazy , because some of the dealers were full time dealers ( rotated different clubs in the area ) 

    Anyway, it was fitting on the last real night of cards ( next week will be a freeroll only ) I sat at a table where a straight flush 6 high , beat a wheel straight flush. Then that table broke up after a while, I moved to another table, the dude to my left pushes all in for $93 pre flop. He gets a caller. Raiser shows ace king offsuit, caller has pocket queens. Flop comes ace , queen, king, the last 2 cards were duds. The pre raiser, whom I had never seen before stands up, shaking, literally hands shaking, and tried to speak but all he could say was “what? , what just happened” I felt sorry for him, and I’ve seen a lot of bone crushers at this joint, 

    But, I felt just as bad for the dealer, who was volunteering, and couldn’t receive a juicy tip, as I did the raiser. 

      As the night shut down, I passed the dealer a $10 dollar bill for giving me some good entertainment for the night.

        Yup, I’m gonna miss this place. 

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