Emotional roller coaster

I begin a string of 4 tables with a bang. 1/2 NL game with tons of action. A hand comes down with a board of 6d 7d 8h 2h, player one bets 12, player 2 raises to 30, player 3 raises to 130 player 1 re-raises to 250 and both players call. Qh on the river and player 1 goes all in and both players call all-in short. Player 1 missed his diamonds and mucks, player 2 shows the nuts 9 10, player 3 shows the set of 77s. $1200 pot to player 2, he ships me $20 for my efforts, I love this guy! Great action for the rest of the down and good tips. Feeling fantastic!

On to table 2 where it’s a higher limit game. One of my regular douchebags is on the table and I’m still pretty pumped about the great table I just left. Of course I put Mr. Douche on a heater and give him 2K, and he ships me 0 dollars in 7 pots for my effort. I try to keep a calm head but it gets harder and harder each pot I give to this POS. Finally the push comes and off to my next table pretty steamed.

The next table is a low limit game and everyone is happy to be there, it’s Friday night. I figure I’ll stow away the angry face for these guys rather than carry my baggage and ruin it for them. The tips aren’t that great as most low limit games aren’t but the attitudes are usually fun. A young man with special needs wins a couple pots and tips me a dollar on every one and proves there is good in the world. It also shows that things in life could be so much worse than sweating over a few dollars I didn’t make from some shithead. I leave that table humble and gracious for all that I have.

Table 4 turns out to be your typical drunk fest. These turn out one of 2 ways usually. 1. They’re drunk and obnoxious and don’t tip. 2. They’re drunk and overtip. Either way coming in I figured I would have some fun. Laughing, joking and tipping it was a fun table. Most times these guys love it when you join in and make fun of them and have fun in the process. I had a great time there and laughed my ass off at a couple of the guys that were clearly over served, but I didn’t care, they were comedians. So heading to break with tears in my eyes from a half hour of gut busting laughter, that was a 2 hour emotional roller coaster.

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