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I was surfing around the Internet and an article caught my eye. Something about 10 reasons not to tip a poker dealer. By the end I was ready to find this guy and junk punch him all up in his man business. In the comments that followed he had the corollary to the article on 10 reason TO tip a poker dealer. His man business is safe for now.
Also in the comments, one popped out that I read that lead me to a new article.
Read the douchebags petition here.
I will let you peruse the article and then come on back…….
This Jason Baker who is apparently from Florida has won the competition for douchebag of the year and the year isn’t even up. I have ordered his trophy and will personally stick it up his ass if I ever find out who he is. Of course it’s his right to not tip. But to start a petition and insult dealers in the petition? This is why he has won:
I will address his “reasons”.
1. Players are already paying “significant” money for rake.
Ok yeah the rake can be high and eat away a lot of the money in a game. But the casino does everything they can to make sure you have everything you want at your finger tips. Go ahead and get together your home game of random dudes with a fairly dealt games. The federal minimum wage is 7.25/hr if they were to pay us 20/hr that’s 3 times what they pay dealers now. Where do you think they will make that up? Higher rake. Let’s say they double the standard $4 rake to $8 a pot, is that fair mister Jason Baker of Jacksonville FL?

2. Casinos are owned by billionaires so they should pay a livable wage. Tell that to McDonald’s and Walmart, this is one of the stupidest excuses I’ve ever heard. Since they can afford to pay it why don’t they? Easy, it’s customary in the USA to pay service workers minimum wage and have that made up in customer gratuity. If the gratuities end up declining things will change, like higher rake and higher prices to pay the employees more.

3. The dealer had nothing to do with the outcome of the hand.
Well no shit Sherlock. Like I said above its customary for businesses in the US to model their low wage service employees pay scale to be made up with customer tips. It’s just a lot easier to tip when you win then when you lose? Am I right? The more you win, the more you end up tipping. If you don’t win a hand you didn’t have to tip a dime? We are providing a service, but Jason Baker thinks monkeys can do this job.

4. $1 a pot adds up over the course of a year. Think about the rake you pay. Can you stop paying rake? Tipping waitress? Valet? Everything adds up. Just remember YOU are the one coming to the casino, why? To get waited on and have the fish presented to you on silver platters. Do you say the same about waitstaff at restaurants? What about all the tax you pay on everything. Wow everything adds up? Just because you are douchebag of the year, you choose tipping dealers as the leak you want to fix.

5. Dealers can make ends meet without tips. In some places minimum wage is $2/hr. Yeah don’t worry about us, I can get by.
Poker dealing is a low skill occupation?
Wow this guy must’ve had a dealer steal his girl, kill his hamster and shove it up his ass. Granted it’s not the most strenuous job, it does its toll on your carpals and back. There is a lot of dexterity involved, being friendly and able to deal with all situations, along with some math, a ton of rules to remember and to be a good dealer a lot of concentration.
He concludes that casinos will increase their wages to keep them working. A. That will never happen. B. If it does they will raise the rake. The more likely scenario is they will get very low skilled dealers to deal because the good dealers won’t work for low wages, and you will end up with shitty dealers. Might as well just migrate back to home games so your drunk uncle can expose every card while he deals. But hey no tips and no rake!
6. This guy says the non tipping model has worked in Australia.
Did he also look up the fact that the rake is 10% up to $10 per pot? And in 2/5 games it’s $15 rake per pot?
In Sydney it’s $10 max per pot +$5 per hour to play!
Now instead of helping out a struggling dealer with an extra dollar a hand you can pay the billionaires of the casino $6 more a hand, good call. You have all the answers.

So congratulations Jason Baker from Jacksonville Florida you have won Your Poker Dealers 2014 Douchebag of the Year award!
Do your research next time you wage a battle of wits with poker dealers. By the way his petition has 3 signatures lol.
I’ve started my own petition in response to this. Please sign!

One thought on “Douchebag of the Year

  • September 2, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    All you have to do is, look at the WSOP, to confirm your points.
    Typing had gone down terribly over the last several years and so had the quality of dealers.


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