Don’t waste a sunny day

Don’t waste a sunny day, WPT, Eminem & Instinct


 One thing that I like about poker is that you can always learn something. Ok, well maybe it’s just a way to feel better about losing or busting out in a tournament.

  Anyway, tonight I headed north to an adjacent town that’s about 20 minutes up the road. The weather was beautiful for the midwest, sunny and 75 degrees, that’s lesson 1 which I’ll explain later.

   To my surprise the parking lot was packed. There are 2 poker nights a week at this venue, Wednesdays & Fridays. When I go its usually Wednesdays. It’s a country club with gambling going on in the basement, interesting indeed. There is a full bar, restaurant and free popcorn. Not to mention a poker dealer named “Gina” who gets touchy feely in a flirtatious way with me.

     Anyway, it’s a fun little tournament, $13 dollar buy in, $4000 in chips, blinds go up every 12 minutes. I’ve played the Wednesday tournament over the last 3 years maybe 12-15 times and cashed every time but once, well now it’s twice. 

      Basically I just sit back, play only premium hands , and watch the donkeys crash & burn. During break I went outside. I noticed one of the guys at my table, name unknown, was outside talking with some guys. He looked like a higher class version of Eminem. 

      We go back after break, people are dropping like flies. Our table splits up. “Eminem” asks director, “can I go to table 1? That’s my homies”. My gut said, good Lord, I need to watch out for this guy. He just got under my skin.

         So I’m at table 4 and I get mega stacks of chips on 2 hands. The director moves me to table 2. Table 1 breaks down. Now we are down to 2 tables. ” Eminem” is at my table.

          2 or 3 rounds circle the table, now blinds go way up to 800 & 1600. Some lady only has 2,000 in chips. She pushes all in pre flop, I look down at Ace Queen of hearts. I’m an instinct player, my instinct Screams NO!!!!!  A few years ago A Q got railroaded on the WPT so many times ( hey I just watch it on TV ) . Therefore, I typically don’t overplay it. Please I’m also thinking, someone pushes before you then they are probably stronger than you. However, my logic said she is big blind next hand, she has to push. I move all in ( 17000 in chips ) 4 players behind me to act, one goes all in because she only has 1100. All others fold, except for.. Nooo…. its Eminem, I didn’t even think of this guy in the equation. I can’t believe how stupid I am, I know he is going to call me. I keep my shades down and don’t flinch, but inside im a mess. He’s got me covered by 700. He stews and stews & stews. Lady all in calls clock. He stands up , “F it, all in” . Q 10. Offsuit.

     I felt slight Karma, none came my way, for a 10 on the river gives him a pair to take it down. 

     Lesson 1. When it’s nice in the Midwest, I usually don’t play, we just don’t have that many beautiful weather days,  why waste them on cards. Mistake 1, showing up on a beautiful evening.

      Lesson 2. Hey , I watched the WPT back in its hayday. Don’t overplay Ace Queen.

      Lesson 3. Always take hoodlums, & Eminem wannabees into account. Protect your cards from them at all costs.Epic fail on my part.

      Lesson 4. Trust your gut instinct. My gut instinct said fold. That voice is there for a reason , it was to protect me from Eminem . I shouldn’t have overplayed my hand.

      I walk the rail thinking I’ll play some cash games but the tables are full. I just head home. I get home & everyone is sleeping

      If your in my neck of the woods, the Mighty Midwest, don’t ever waste a sunny day….

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