I feel like a babysitter most days especially on the high limit games. Card throwing, chips bouncing and rolling everywhere, just because you are either playing over your head or you were allowed to take your ball and go home without getting your ass kicked as a kid. If someone said they were probably beat as kids I’d say “man I hope so”. Do you even know what you look like acting like this? More importantly what other people are thinking. One thing I have learned from many years of being around cards is that they are streaky, good and bad. When you are running this bad and acting this way you can say it doesn’t affect your play, but if you can’t control your little crybaby emotions I’m pretty sure you can’t control either tilting or playing timid. Even if it’s just a little bit it has a big affect on your results especially in the tougher higher limits. Now the point is, the other players see and recognize this, they’ve been there. They know to keep stomping on your jugular, raising light because they are sure you will play it bad thinking it’s just continuing to be a bad night. They keep needling to tilt you even more, it’s funny, they laugh at you when you get up, trust me. So calm down, learn to manage your emotions and quit playing over your head.

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