I have the best poker face

Poker should be fun, and it is for quite a few people. One way for players to have fun it to let the guy next to him “sweat” their hand in. Letting them see what they have before the end of the hand. It’s funny some of the interactions they have. Guys claim to be the “best sweaters”. It can get a little out of line with guys on one side of the table doing a “team sweat” showing the other half the table or even spectators what they have before the hand is done. Of course this may break the one player per hand rule, and in tournaments it’s forbidden because of the rule “you may not expose your hand with action pending”.

Depending on what house rules are, sweating is often overlooked in cash games, let them have a little fun as long as it doesn’t get out of control. Besides the guy sweating in your hand that is the best sweater, will of course be able to manipulate the board with his mind so that you will win. It’s a scientific fact. The only fact, is that now this guy knows how you play. But it’s usually the guys that play together quite a bit, so they know how each other plays anyways.

Sometimes I get to sweat in hands. Of course it’s customer service to do what the players ask. So if someone asks me to sweat in a hand I should oblige. It makes things a little more interesting watching the hand play our, knowing what this guy needs to river someone else. Sometimes they will put a little extra on the line for me. Here’s $5 if you bring this one home. Now the pressure is on me to bring out the winning card. Of course I never have any control on how a hand will play out I just have to sit there with my best poker face knowing what this guy has, and hope for the best. Or be the impartial arbiter that I’m supposed to be. But come on, if you have a chance at $5 or $1, or $0 if the other guy is a stiff, ¬†what will you be thinking. This is why I say I have the best poker face. I know what this guy has, and have to be stoic. I know who I want to win most hands, the guys who tips better. I still sit there stone faced, no emotion, and just be fair.

Sometimes the 1 seat and the 9 or 10 seat are terrible at protecting their hands and I get to see what they have. I know I should just sit there and look forward or look away, but curiosity gets the best of us. They let the hand play out knowing what they have and how they play it, makes things a little more interesting for me.

There are a few interesting side notes to knowing what people have. I have had a guy have me sweat in a hand, and completely lie to the other guy about what he had when he bluffed him and made him lay it dow. Now I sit there perpetuating this lie as he asks me and I have to have no comment. There are a few players that are bad at protecting their hands and lie ALL the time about what they had. I laid down 2 pair, I folded the nuts for you, I missed my nut flush(they had bottom pair), all lies. On more than one occasion I have had to sweat my fate on a “half the pot tip”. I have won a couple and lost a few, all while wanting to jump for joy on the huge tip and putting my face in my hands when we miss. But I still sit there with no emotion. Man I should play this game, oh wait I do and a good poker face doesn’t help.

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