Are you serious?

This guy is mumbling about the bad day he is having, small stakes, hand plays out with this board 92J turn A river 6, he pays off a river bet and the winner turns over AJ he throws his cards down and shows QJ. Hmm I actually leave the cards up as he tirades about his f%#^ing luck. I look at him, look at the table and then back at him. You had top pair on the flop and were out kicked, are you amazed at how your 3 out queen didn’t come? I giggle to myself and keep dealing. About 10 minutes later he gets all his money in on the river on a 33K64 board, our idiot has Q3 unsuited out of position. Our winner turns over A3, the idiot rants about how he got rivered. Again I look at the board and back at him as I ship the pot. He steams all the way out of the room. Are you serious? Is he in his own little world where kickers have the opposite effect?
Everyday I’m amazed at how these people make it in everyday life, they leave these people in public? Alone? Not on leashes? Be safe everyone.

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